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While the Pan-Canadian Competency Framework for Career Development Professionals Competency Framework includes specialized competencies that a Career Development Professional (CDP) may or may not need depending on their role/setting, the National Competency Profile for Career Development Professionals (National Profile) is a curation of competencies from the Competency Framework that details and describes effective performance, knowledge, understanding, and abilities for ALL Career Development Professionals regardless of role/setting.

The National Profile delineates the competencies of a client-facing generalist, delivering services to diverse clientele in a variety of environments.

The National Profile can be used by:

  • The public to better understand the value of CDPs.
  • Employers of CDPs to inform recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, and training.
  • Training providers to develop and design course curriculum and professional programs, tools, or training for CDPs.
  • Current CDPs to validate their knowledge, skills, and abilities as a generalist.
  • Future CDPs to help them understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a generalist.